Wall Street English, UNIT 71


Even though a sudden influx of money sounds great to most people, a surprising number are ill prepared to deal with it when it happens.

The first piece of advice from all the experts pretty much boils down to: “Don’t do anything.”

Another way to create a goal is to think about what success means to you.

Making a financial plan helps you to save money and to reach your goals.

With all your hard work, you’re bound to be a success.

As soon as you enter this authentic Italian restaurant, you will be surrounded by the delightful smells of sauteed onions, and spicy tomato sauce.

It looks as if it is going to rain. Do you see all those dark clouds?

There is no doubt that she will be the club president again next year. No one else wants the job!

She is bound to get an interview because she has great qualifications.

Since today’s my last day here at the ABC Company, this may be the last chance to I get to say good-bye.

Samantha has been rehearsing her part every day and asking for input from fellow actors about how she can improve her performance. I’m sure she’ll give a spectacular performance.

I haven’t had much success with my investments this year. If the recession continues, I’m worried about what the future might bring.

If you had stopped to ask for directions, I imagine you would have arrived at the theater on time.

Every year our club’s membership fee goes up by $5.00, and this year the facilities have been renovated, so I assume the fee will increase even more.

Communication, UNIT 71

coherent : 1 If a piece of writing, set of ideas etc is coherent, it is easy to understand because it is clear and reasonable. 2 If someone is coherent, they are talking in a way that is clear and easy to understand. 3 If a group is coherent, its members are connected or united because they share common aims, qualities, or beliefs.

ramble : to talk for a long time in a way that does not seem clearly organized, so that other people find it difficult to understand you.

ex) She’s getting old and she tends to ramble a bit.

I’m just a little down.

undermine : to gradually make someone or something less strong or effective

Grammar, UNIT 71

When she was just a girl, she would design new dresses for her dolls.

What happened to you? You used to be able to overcome any obstacle in your way.

I used to play hockey, but I’m too old for that now.

When we were new employees, we would work regularly during weekends.

I didn’t use to enjoy commuting to work, but now it’s the only quite time I get in the day.

They used to hold a Monday morning meeting, but now they only communicate via email.

I used to think that having my own business was impossible, but now I’m my own boss!


Wall Street English 영어수업 내용 복습

Another common misconception about NPOs is that they are only involved with charity work.

NPOs actually serve a wide variety of functions.

NPOs that focus on education can help retrain people so that their skills are more in sync with the changing economy.

And finally, because NPOs employ so many people, they contribute to the economy indirectly by paying those employees.

Benefiting the health and welfare of a community is not at odds with stimulating its economy.

Please think about the welfare of the community when you make the decision.

The leader of a country is responsible for the welfare of all the citizens.

An economic recovery happens when a country’s economy improves.

In order to stimulate the economy, the government is encouraging companies to spend more.

Policymakers are thinking of incentives for businesses. For example, if a company spends over $5000, they don’t have to pay taxes.

It is crucial to support NPOs that help retrain people so that they can work again because the economy needs skilled workers.

It is crucial to focus on the welfare of the community.

Contrary to what many people believe, the economy is struggling.

First of all, at Community One, we focus on teaching people important skills that are more in sync with what the economy needs.

Finally, for people who have just graduated and can’t find a job, we offer internship programs so that they can gain experience in the work world.

Although we offer such classes, we are finding that it is not enough support.

Studies have shown that regular exercise contributes to one’s happiness, which then increases one’s chances to succeed.

After five years of a bad economy, the government has taken action and now the country is in economic recovery.

A widespread misconception of an economic recovery is that it will be very quick. However, research shows that it can take months and even years for the economy to become stable. Another misconception is that during an economic recovery, there is no way other than up. Contrary to what most people believe, there are many ups and downs during an economic recovery.

Tim: How do I get a job at an NPO?
Sal: It’s the same as applying for a normal job. First of all, you send your resume. Then, if they are interested, they’ll call you and set up an interview.

A special event in a town can cause a ripple effect, because people who attend the event also spend money at restaurants, stores, and hotels in the local community.

One possible sign of economic recovery is a decrease in that rate of unemployment.

address educational needs 교육적 필요를 해결하다
On the contrary 대조적으로
be in sync with ~에 맞추다
play a vital role in economic recovery 경제 회복에 지대한 역할을 하다
non-profit organization ↔ for-profit company
contrary to what many people believe 많은 사람들이 생각하는 것과 달리
pay for utilities like electricity and water 공과금을 내다 (예: 전기, 물)
ripple effect 파급 효과, a situation in which one event produces effects which spread and produce further effects
causing a ripple effect that benefits the entire community 전체 지역사회에 이득을 가져다 주는 파급 효과를 유발하는
in this way 이러한 방법으로
be at odds with/over 동의하지 않는
lose one’s job 실직하다
a support network 도움을 주는 네트워크(사람 모임)
unemployment 1 the state of being unemployed 2 the number of people who do not have a job that provides money